web presence services

Web presence design and implementation — for organizations on a budget



There are many web tools available now for small business and non-profits. For a small monthly fee a non technical person can create a nice looking website. These tools are not for everyone though. Some entrepeneurs have the time and inclination to invest in creating their own websites, but many still find the propsect daunting, don't have the time or would rather invest the time in product development and sales. Some organizations need a website that does more than these tools can provide. I can build one of these sites for you and show you what you need to maintain it or build you a custom website, and anything in between.


Some organizations jump into website development and then find out that what they have the time and energy to produce doesn't meet the need. Non profits can often have a series of volunteers develp a site that, well, looks like there were "too many cooks" and that is an adventure for visitors. Sometimes small businesses grow and evolve in ways that leave their web presence in the dust. If you have a website that just doesn't do what you need it to do I can remodel it so that it does.


One nice aspect of web design and development is that it can be done anywhere. Regardless of where your businessness or organization is you can hire good website designers and developers anywhere on the globe. I prefer not to work this way. I like to meet the people I work with and chat about the organization. I want to get to know what you do, what you need your website to do and what visitors you want to attract. That way I can get you what you need the first time, saving us both time, money and aggrivation.


My name is Bob Snead and I've been working in software for over 20 years. I have degrees in both psychology and computer science so I can see things in software projects from both sides, which helps me get to the heart of the matter quickly and efficiently. I prefer to work for small businesses and non profits because they run "lean and mean" and are focused on results, just like me.